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Our Story

Hijiriko Series, a unique, purely Japan-made skincare brand, is now available in Hong Kong.

In 1962, Syunen Hosokawa, a Japanese potter, moved from Kyoto to Narusawa village at the foot of Mt. Fuji. His hands were very rough from his time making pottery in Kyoto. However, after making pottery in Narusawa village for a while, Hosokawa noticed that his hands became smooth. The therapeutic power of Mt. Fuji mud in Narusawa village area was then discovered.

Originally, the mud in Narusawa village area was used as raw material for ceramics, but as the efficacy of the mud is discovered, it is developed as a bath agent to improve conditions related to neurosis and poor circulation. Then, doctors from local hospitals and local pharmacy associations launched a full-scale study on the efficacy of Mt. Fuji mud.

The composition analysis of the mud was made by Central Hot Spring Research and complete academic research/study was conducted. Then, a clinical trial was conducted for mainly pregnant women and infants. In consequence, it was verified that the mud is effective to improve skin conditions. On Oct 5th 1972, the Health and Welfare Ministry (now Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry) approved the mud as a quasi-drug for bath agent. (Approval No.: 47D-287)

In January 1996, approval for manufacturing cosmetics with "Hijiriko" was obtained as approval No. 08C-0188 through co-development with our alliance factory. Since then, we’ve been dealing with natural type of cosmetics making good use of Mt. Fuji mud, which has rarity value and contributes to beautiful skin.